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Marketing Plans for All Practice Areas

New revenue is our goal for you. We create custom marketing plans designed to generate more business from your existing accounts, build your referral network, and increase your visibility in the marketplace. Click on a link below to select a specific practice area, or click to read more about our marketing plan services.

Eliminate start-and-stop marketing cycles when we create and implement an affordable monthly or quarterly law firm marketing program to help you achieve your business development goals.

Marketing Campaigns Ready to Launch


Content Marketing

Attract new clients with blogs, social media, client alerts, and newsletters. We write the copy to help you get noticed.


Business Development

We guide you through a 3-step business development campaign focused on helping you attract new clients. Grow your pipeline with Bar-compliant marketing.


Law Firm Proposals

We take the lead on writing a detailed law firm proposal in response to a Request for Proposal (RFP).

Legal Expert Connections, Inc. offers THREE key benefits to law firms nationwide:

1. We've helped 150 law firms in 36 states with marketing campaigns.

We know the law firm hiring and selection process at Fortune 500 companies, insurance carriers, and municipalities. We can also help in consumer-oriented law practices.

2. You get a structured business development process.

We guide your firm through a proven three-step legal marketing campaign that brings discipline, focus, and productivity to your marketing efforts.

3. Increase revenue with Bar-compliant legal marketing campaigns.

We identify prospective clients, so you can focus your time on law firm marketing and business development.

If your law firm or litigation services company is asking how you can get more clients, give us a call. We have helped more than 150 law firms launch targeted legal marketing campaigns.

At Legal Expert Connections, we make it our business to identify who hires law firms at corporations and insurance companies around the country.

Contact Margaret Grisdela at 1-866-417-7025 or via email to discuss a campaign. Connect with Margaret Grisdela on LinkedIn.

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