A monthly or quarterly law firm newsletter in electronic and/or print format is an ideal way to stay in touch with your current clients.

Your existing accounts represent the best source for new revenue in the short run. Your clients know you, they trust you, and you have a proven track record in providing valuable legal counsel. Cultivating increased business from current or past accounts also tends to enhance profitability, due to a lower cost of customer acquisition, higher degree of client satisfaction, and favorable return on your business development time.

A law firm newsletter is an ideal form of communication because it is simple, cost effective, and informative. There are many online services that offer affordable solutions to help law firms strengthen client relationships. We help you select and manage the service that works best for you.

Legal Expert Connections works with law firms all over the country to help them develop appropriate messaging for current, past, and future clients. We also prepare targeted law firm marketing materials to help law firms stay in touch with clients and prospects. Contact us to discuss how your law firm might benefit by getting help with a newsletter.

As a first step in creating a monthly or quarterly newsletter for your law firm, it is important to create an attractive visual design that is consistent with your other marketing materials. You will want to use your firm’s logo, color scheme, and other graphic design elements that will create consistency across all of your promotional activities. Links to your website, practice areas, and attorney bio pages will help to direct interested readers to get more detailed information.

Open your attorney newsletter with substantive information that your recipients will find useful. Examples include:

  • Case law update
  • Appellate court rulings that set new precedent
  • Common techniques used by opposing counsel, and how to counteract them
  • Industry news
  • Favorable case outcomes you have achieved

After presenting your educational material, add information about law firm activities. This could include:

  • New attorney introductions
  • Attorney credentials (new awards from Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers, etc.)
  • Speeches or articles recently delivered by the firm’s attorneys
  • Firm sponsorships
  • Upcoming industry activities
  • Continuing education seminars offered by the law firm

Here are some cautions to marketing through a law firm newsletter:

  • Get permission from prospects before you add them to your email list. If you generate too many “unsubscribe” requests, you could be penalized by your newsletter service provider.
  • The “open rate” for your electronic law firm newsletter is likely to be in the range of 25 percent. While this may sound low, it is typical so don’t get discouraged.

The subject line in your law firm newsletter plays an important role in helping the recipient decide whether or not to open your email. Try to make the subject line compelling and time sensitive. Examples might include:

  • “New Appellate Rulings on Proposals for Settlement”
  • “Case Update on Attorney Fees”

It is also important to avoid words in the subject line that might trigger spam filters, like “free” or “act now.”

An effective law firm newsletter allows you to stay “top of mind” with your clients. Business professionals and consumers are bombarded with thousands of messages daily, including outreach efforts by your competitors, and it is easy for them to forget about your law firm if you do not communicate frequently.

You may assume that clients understand your full range of services, but this belief tends to be a fallacy. A newsletter is a good way to remind clients of your full range of services, which provides an opportunity for you to up-sell and cross-sell more services to existing accounts.

Building the List for your Law Firm Newsletter

You must have a mailing list in place before you can start your newsletter campaign. At a minimum you need a list of email addresses. This can be built in a simple Excel file in a column, with one email address in each row within a column.

Recommended format:

Column A
Email1@ …
Email2@ …
Email3@ …

If you want to personalize your email or add additional information about a recipient, you can add additional fields like first name, last name, company, and title.

You can also maintain separate email lists if you want to target your message. You can then send messages to one or more lists, depending on the content. Examples include:

  • Construction law list
  • Business law list
  • Family law list
  • ABA seminar contacts list

After each law firm newsletter is sent, you can review your list of “opens” and “bounces” to monitor results. Email addresses that bounce should either be checked for accuracy or removed from your database of email addresses.

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